We are super excited that you have chosen our community at Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna to kick start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Our Smart Start Orientation is a 4 week program where we meet once a week, for 30 minutes, and will give you a head start on your fitness journey. In each week we will explore different topics. Don’t worry if you can’t make a week, we’ll catch you up!

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Week One

Tired of starting a workout plan and then never sticking to it? Tired of finding yourself back at square one (or worse) every few months? Smart Start is your KEY to success. In this week we’ll create an easy to follow plan for the next 6 weeks that will have you ramping up your fitness so that you won’t feel discouraged or frustrated and ready to quit. This is where to magic happens.

Download our cheat sheet here.

Download the Smart Start Brochure here.

Start planning your workouts now. >>>> Click here to download your blank Planner sheet

Week Two

Learn what the first major problem is when you start working out and what to do about it! AND you will walk away with little gift to help you get started too! Download the week two cheat sheet here!

Week Three

It takes three weeks to create a habit. In this session we’ll go over the top three struggles most people have and how our members have overcome them to find success in working out AND loving it! Download the week three cheat sheet here!

Week Four

The #1 issue our members have with Diet is knowing WHAT to eat. The #2 problem is knowing HOW MUCH. This session we will give you two easy tools to use that will help you with BOTH of these. Download the week four cheat sheet here!

Calorie Control Guide

How to Fix a Broken Diet

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