Personal Training is now available at Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna. Work One on One with a Certified Personal Trainer to achieve your health & fitness goals.

Individual Sessions
30 minutes – $25 a session
60 minutes – $45 a session

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Wanna say thank you to my AMAZING personal trainer Kris Chick who has endured with me the last 6 weeks. She has brought me from zero endurance, bad neck pain from my herniated discs, bad hip pain from my dysplasia, and feeling like I'm drowning in my own lungs (that's probably a little of my asthma too haha) to feeling SO much better and able to get through a full workout and not feel like I'm dying!! Only 20 more lbs to go! I always feel SO much better after working out now and never regret going to the gym after I finish a session. If you want an awesome gym in the Gahanna area go to Brickhouse Cardio Club! Kris is the owner and one of the trainers

Michele Phelps Personal Training Client January 11, 2016