Kris Chick

Owner & Instructor
Kris Chick started dancing at the age of 5 and graduated from Otterbein University with a degree in Theater and Dance. After taking time off and letting her health slip she decided to start getting healthy again and started to work out and eating healthy. A couple of years later she was asked if she wanted to start teaching at the Gahanna YMCA. She started teaching Strength and Tone, Cycling, Step and Dance Fusion. Then in 2010 she started teaching Zumba and the rest is history! Kris is AFAA Group Fitness Certified and a Certified Personal Trainer.

Certified in: AAFA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in: BODYPUMP™, CXWORX™, RPM™, Sprint™, Grit™, Bodyflow®, Bodyattack™, Y Cycling, YMCA USA – Pilates, Strength & Conditioning
Licensed in: Zumba®, Strong by Zumba®, Aqua Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba Sentao®, Zumba® Step
Also obsessed with: Dance Fitness, Healthy Eating, Beach Vacations

Lana Polchow

Instructor - CPT, Zumba & bootybarre
So many people have a difficult time either finding an exercise program they like or sticking to one.  It isn’t enough to join a gym if you don’t know what to do or how to use equipment.  Qualified instructors can facilitate real change.  After years of gym “dabbling” and still watching the scale creep up thanks to a sedentary office job, I found Zumba Fitness.  This was when I knew the right type of class can be fun, challenging, and ADDICTIVE to the point that people will make it a priority to get there!

Now, after four years of teaching Zumba and other group fitness classes, over 50 lbs lighter, I want others to know….there is something out there for you, cardio does not have to be boring (treadmills are boring), a pole is vertical and a barre is horizontal (no, I am not a stripper), and lifting weights will NOT make you big (cupcakes will make you big).

Certified in: AAFA Certified Personal Trainer, AAFA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, The bootybarre®, LaBlast®
Licensed in: Zumba®, Aqua Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba Sentao®, Zumba® Step, Piloxing®, Piloxing® Barre
Also obsessed with/occupied by: Pole Fitness, Weight Lifting, Latin and ballroom dancing, Scuba Diving

Jennifer Blackburn

Instructor - BODYPUMP & CXWORX
I took my first BODYPUMP class in 2006 and fell in love. The club closed not long after and I had my third child.  After several years of not feeling good about myself I started working out again, first by taking walks with a friend in the mornings that led to running and DVDs in our basements.  I finally ventured back into the group fitness room, found BodyPump again in 2012, was at instructor training a year later, and I just added CXWORX. I love sharing my passion for Les Mills and believe fitness is not about a number on the scale but about how you feel physically and mentally.

Kimberly Skeie

Instructor - Zumba Kids
When I first found Zumba® in 2006, I never knew how much it would change my life.

With Zumba® and a change in my eating habits, I was able to lose almost 50 lbs. As I was improving my own health and fitness, I also found a new career: Teaching others that fitness doesn’t have to be boring and routine! I have been teaching Zumba® for over a year now, and I love my job! I love teaching many different Zumba® formats, but I especially love teaching Zumba® Kids and Zumba® Kids Jr. classes. I love teaching kids that fitness can be fun and exciting!

Licensed in: Zumba®, Aqua Zumba®, Zumba Gold®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba Gold-Toning®, Zumba® Kids/Zumba® Kids Jr., Zumba® Step

Kim Behn

Instructor - Piloxing
Kim has been taking various fitness classes for several years. One of her favorites is Piloxing as it offers a variety with low impact. After taking that class for a few years, she recognized that she had a desire to teach her passion. Kim became a certified Piloxing instructor in January, 2015.
She fully believes without your health, nothing else matters.  You have to take time to take care of yourself so that you can do everything else in life that matters.