Take a Peek Inside Brickhouse Cardio Club

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Brickhouse Beginnings & Beyond

Before there was a Brickhouse Cardio Club there was a feeling. A strong feeling in the pit of her stomach that didn’t go away even after letting the idea “ferment” for a while, as a friend had suggested. Long time career woman, and part-time fitness enthusiast, Kris Wear knew that her idea, her feeling was inching closer to becoming a reality. Kris was different. She didn’t see plains of free weights and seas of lonely treadmills in her fitness wonderland. No. She saw a love of fitness & health and friendships developing through the movements of Zumba, and she saw minds and bodies growing stronger together as people believed they could through classes like BODYPUMP. She saw personal training, yoga, piloxing, and fun new fitness formats introduced to the people who wanted to learn them to keep their minds and bodies fresh. With the help of her soon to be husband David, and good friends, her gut feeling was transforming into a one of a kind group fitness studio. After becoming Kris Chick in 2014, the new couple began exploring options to put these figurative blueprints into action and came across Vic Sprouse and the West Virginia based Brickhouse Cardio Club Franchise. With the franchise’s success, accolades, and support system it wasn’t long before a lease was signed and Brickhouse Cardio Club Gahanna was born.


photo 3 1
Outside the building

Inside what would become Studio B

photo 3
This was the start of Studio A

Talk about a face only a mother could love! Kris and David knew it was going to take a tremendous amount of work and dedication to build and maintain their fitness baby and Kris’ long-time dream, but they were smart and lucky. It is because of Kris’ strong belief in community and friendship built through fitness that Brickhouse turned into a beauty! Oh, and her amazing husband David too!! Many loyal friends and students came out to help paint, assemble furniture, lay carpet, and much more. It may not have taken a village, but it certainly took a big circle of friends.

Our first painting party had everyone out, including the kids!

David working late to get the carpet tiles in the lobby finished

Construction in progress in Studio A

Kris believes in having fun and working hard. Inside of these walls she wants you to celebrate your accomplishments with your new friends and instructors and that you should know that they are there to support you when you fall short too. She has both mentally and physically created a home away from home for you to reach your fitness goals, set new challenges, and live a healthier life-style. She and her staff will provide you with the support to not just take these steps but to keep taking them day after day and year after year. Kris and David Chick celebrated a very successful grand opening of their group fitness studio, Brickhouse Cardio Club, on January 17, 2015. More events and new fitness formats are planned for the schedule this year.

Zumba Class!

Later this year Kris and David will celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Kris has a 13-year old daughter, Nicole and David has a 23-year old son, Tommy who is married to Kristen.