Add HIIT to your life with our three unique LES MILLS GRIT™ workouts and take your fitness to the next level. You’ll be addicted to the fast results!

THE POWER OF EXPERTISE: Each workout has been carefully crafted and extensively tested by an expert team that includes a professor of kinesiology, a medical doctor and gymnastics champion, and leading sports physiotherapist. Safety, quality and effectiveness are assured.
THE POWER OF REST: Many HIIT workouts overlook a critical component – the rest interval. LES MILLS GRIT™ combines optimized rest periods with compound functional movements that maximize intensity and minimize joint loading.
THE POWER OF PEOPLE: Our world class training system empowers your LES MILLS GRIT™ coaches to create a highly addictive training atmosphere that no one wants to miss. Coaches receive exceptional training to ensure they provide a consistently safe and motivating workout experience.

Join your GRIT Team today! Grit is an intense 30 minute workout that you will do a minimum of 2 times per week. Classes are Monday & Wednesday at 6:00 am, Tuesday & Thursday at 5:55 pm and Saturday at 8 am. You will receive a nutritional plan and personalized fitness program measuring your basic fitness level when you begin with regular assessments throughout your program. You will be able to see and measure your results!

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Grit™ is Now Included in our Plus Memebrship!

Monday & Wednesday – 6:00 am
Tuesday & Thursday – 5:55 pm
Saturday 8:00 am

Drop-ins are welcome and encouraged – $12 per class

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